Over the years I have helped many people to think about how they might like to live out the remainder of their days and to organise their financial affairs to give them the best chance of living their dreams and having a purposeful life.

Some people have clearly defined, yet different aspirations and ambitions for the future and some struggle to really think about how they might like to spend their time once they stop working. Some can’t even see a time when stopping work is an option.

This year I decided to take a 5 week winter break leaving the cold UK for the warmer shores of New Zealand and Western Australia. While I was lying on the beach watching soft fluffy clouds float by in a clear blue sky, I got to thinking about how I could help more people to be in a similar situation (if indeed they wanted to be.)

Many people have a “bucket list” but how many make real plans to pursue their dreams and “tick” them off the list. Well I certainly do and if you are interested in a couple of the more unusual entries on mine, I could include the ones I have ticked off on this latest holiday- doing a skydive; snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef; turning up at an airport and just getting on the next plane and white water rafting.

julienz14   scuba

In the past I have always focused on helping clients to create their own financial plan, but more recently I have spent much more time providing guidance, leadership and sometimes counselling to help people envisage how things might be in their perfect future life.

I know many people who are “stuck.” They don’t know if they can afford to stop working because they don’t know what their future life will cost or in some cases what they even want it to to look like!

These are the people I really want to talk to, to help them see the endless possibilities available to them once they start to think about the future, make plans and get organised.

In my experience, people in business are particularly poor at lifting their heads up from the day to day needs of the firm, to think about when they would like to stop working and what they want to do once they have.

We are only on this earth once and my personal mission is to enjoy every day and spend some time providing guidance and leadership to those who would like to do the same.

Hope you like the pictures!

overlooking-beach bob-j koala lifeguard skywalk sydney-opera-house white-water2