A change in job to help improve wellbeing

Deborah is a specialist landscape architect with unusual work experience in the heritage sector with clients including the National Trust, Historic England and local planning authorities, helping to manage some of the country’s most beautiful gardens and parks.

A few years ago Deborah began to feel that her employers did not value her skills and experience, and going to work started to cause her a great deal of anxiety and unhappiness.

During one of our annual meetings, we suggested that she leave her job as it was beginning to affect her wellbeing.  Her Lifetime Cashflow Forecast clearly showed that she had enough money to last for a few years until she was able to establish her own consultancy business and earn enough to make this worthwhile. Her parents (who are also clients) were delighted with this idea and were very supportive. (Their own financial plan showed that they could help her financially, although this proved to be unnecessary.)

Deborah was nervous. Whilst she didn’t doubt her own ability as a landscape architect, she had never considered herself to be a businesswoman. However, we promised to support her and help wherever we could with her business plan and personal financial planning. With our assistance and her increased confidence, she has gone on to develop a very successful landscape consultancy business and finds herself in greater demand every year.



Deborah leading a tour for a professional audience (National Trust, Peak District National Park) at Ilam Park, Staffordshire on behalf of the National Trust.





More rewarding for us however, is the obvious change in Deborah – with our help, her decision to set up her own business has clearly made her very happy.