Over the years, the Financial Planning and advice I have received from Julie Lord, and more latterly Gretchen Betts and the team at Magenta, has helped me to able to achieve some significant life goals.

With their encouragement and the reassurance provided by my personalised Lifetime Cashflow Forecast I changed my profession from an unfulfilling social services role, to a more interesting self-employed position as an employee assistance counsellor and hypnotherapist.

When I retired, owing to the cashflow forecasting and planning we had undertaken, I knew that I could afford to go to live in Spain for a few years and then, when I returned to the UK, that I could resettle near the south coast of England.

This has been a great move for me as I live in a place where there is plenty of sunlight and a long seafront promenade extending for five miles where I can walk, either as part of a group or on my own, to help maintain my physical fitness.

Over the years, I have suffered with my health, having had breast cancer and mercury poisoning and with Magenta’s help I was able to afford a skilled therapist in kinesiology and nutrition to help me recover and also travel to the Hippocrates Health Institute in southern Florida for their Life Transformation Program.

I am a firm believer in alternative and holistic therapy and working with Magenta has ensured that I can manage the capital resources I have, to enable me to study nutrition and functional medicine, so as to be able to manage my own health concerns.

Now that I am settled in retirement, I spend time travelling the UK and have been able to visit 10 National Trust properties this summer, as I love spending time in the gardens and among the wonderful old trees.

More recently I have been undertaking courses in integrative psychology and philosophy which, along with my online coach enables me to keep moving forward in life by continually re-assessing my situation, hopefully not just to go through life, but to grow through life. I’ve also recently purchased a Neuro Alpha device –a brain repairer, that can be used for the prevention of Alzheimer’s!

I have a huge amount of gratitude for the support of the Magenta team in enabling me to maintain my lifestyle and purpose in life.