My Situation

20 years ago I was a 24 year old weapons engineer in the submarine service, I was looking forward to a new assignment in the South Atlantic. That was before I broke my neck during a fall whilst on holiday, changing my life forever.

My lawyers were certain that I would be awarded a significant amount of compensation, but this was of little interest to me at the time – I had bigger things to worry about. Would I get better, where would I live, who would look after me, generally how would I cope with my changed situation?

In fact it soon became clear that I would not be able to many of the things I’d previously took for granted and that I would need a lot of help for the rest of my life.

How Julie and Magenta have helped me

When I first met Julie nearly 20 years ago She explained how important it was to invest my money wisely and to draw up a plan to determine my income needs and the investment returns needed so that I didn’t have to worry about funding my future lifestyle.

But more than that she talked about the things I wanted to do with my life – marriage, children, travelling, returning to work etc and how these might be achieved. She said that there are no such things as financial goals, just life goals that require financial resources and she helped me to build a financial strategy to achieve these goals.

She helped me to finance the building of a specially adapted home and my long term portfolio has done so well that I have been able to buy a fabulous house in Florida where I try to spend as much time as possible away from the cold British weather.

The Outcome

Every year we meet to discuss my future goals and my care requirements and to test the viability of these against my Financial Plan. This gives me confidence that I can do what I want and the peace of mind to know that I can adapt to any changes and don’t have to worry about my future.