I first met Julie Lord and her team over ten years ago, when I was facing an uncertain future and wanted some reassurance and clarification.  The forecasting and advice which I received then enabled me to plan a way forward and take control of my finances.

Since then, I have had some health issues which have curtailed some of my interests, in particular, my passion for singing, but over the years, especially since my retirement, Julie and Gretchen have encouraged me to focus on the positive and pursue the things that make me happy and to spend my money in a purposeful way.

Their focus on my goals and our regular meetings to discuss my lifetime cashflow forecast, have enabled me to be comfortable in making big life changing and financial decisions, such as moving house and visiting family abroad for several months each year. More recently, I have pursued a new hobby and purchased a piano!

The Magenta team is always there to provide me with the reassurance that I have enough money to maintain my lifestyle and to encourage me to live my life without worrying.