I was introduced to Magenta by a friend of mine who encouraged me to make an appointment after my divorce was finalised.

Having been married for many years, I was used to my ex-husband taking control of all the finances, so when we divorced I felt scared and very worried about my financial security. I had taken time out from work to raise our children and when we split up I had to start applying for jobs which was very scary! I was worried that a part time wage would not be enough to support me financially as I got older. I needed help to understand the pension sharing order that I had been awarded and I knew very little about pensions or investments.

I met with Gretchen and we agreed that the first step was to establish exactly what I would get in monetary terms from the pension share and then to establish was my financial position would be.

Gretchen explained things to me in a way I understand, so that I could feel more confident about the decisions I needed to make.

By building my Lifetime Cashflow Forecast, Magenta showed me that, with my new pension fund and if I continuing to work part time, that I would be secure in my retirement and throughout the rest of my life, provided that we follow the financial plan we have put together.

This reassurance has enabled me to feel more confident and happy in my life, enabling me to know I can afford to go on holiday and enjoy trips to the theatre and days out with my friends and family.

I know that the team are there to advise me throughout the year and that we will meet regular to check my financial plan is on track. If something changes if my life that we can re-visit my planning and that the team will be there to support me.