A dementia diagnosis, like many health related concerns, can feel like a very personal endeavour. Often, we may find ourselves reluctant to share such news with family and friends, let alone businesses. In reality, however, far from leading to diminished service provision, letting key businesses and service providers know of your diagnosis can ensure that they can continue to support your core needs by adapting, altering and amending their approach to be line with and support your changing personal requirements.

Letting a business know you have dementia may seem like a daunting task. It is important to remember, however, that businesses and service providers are there to serve your needs. Even after a dementia diagnosis it is likely that, when it comes to your relationship with businesses and service providers, your core needs won’t have changed. For example, accessing your money via your bank account will still remain a core need. The way in which you access this, however, may need adapting to suit your changing physical and mental requirements. 

If you use a financial planner, then your desire to ensure financial security and stability for yourself, your family and your loved ones will undoubtedly still continue to be your core need. The way in which you achieve this, however, may need adapting in light of your diagnosis. You may be thinking of moving into smaller or supported accommodation, require additional at home help or wish to involve an appointed family member as Lasting Power of Attorney (https://bit.ly/2U6gJGV). By informing your Financial Planner of your diagnosis, they can ensure that these altered requirements can still work to support your core needs. 

Dementia is something that has touched the lives of many of us here at Magenta. That’s why we work hard to ensure we are a dementia positive organisation. We welcome all our clients to come to us after a diagnosis at the earliest time that feels comfortable for them. We fully support selected family members being present at consultations and offer a calm, informal and supportive environment where our clients can, in comfort and with a cup of tea and a biscuit (or three), talk us through their changing personal circumstances in their own time and at their own pace. We also provide anyone who contacts us with a free 30 minute Magenta Later Life telephone call, where we’ll offer financial planning advice and a friendly ear should you require a little extra support.

You’ve worked hard to secure your personal and financial happiness. By letting your Financial Planner know of your diagnosis, they can use their professional insight to ensure you and your loved ones can continue to live well and flourish with dementia.

For more advice and support on Later Life Planning, including dementia related services, why not download our free Later Life Toolkit (https://bit.ly/2FGn95n). It’s packed with free resources and can signpost you to support and advice services.

To discuss your financial planning options in more detail, get in touch (https://bit.ly/2FQUwnD)- we’d love to hear from you.