Our Answer: Yes, Small is Beautiful!

Magenta is a small firm. Is this good or bad? We think it’s great and we’re happy, in fact proud, to embrace our small size.

Why? Because being small doesn’t mean we’re not ambitious or evolutionary; far from it. It means we’re sustainable, we can adapt quickly and we can ensure we’ll be around for our clients for many years to come. No flash in the pan, whizzbang expansion here!

It also means we can offer a better service to clients. There’s no risk of our clients getting lost in the system or being known as a number rather than a name. Each of our clients has a dedicated team of professionals to call on and knows all of them by name. (Often their cats and dogs too!)

Being small, or ‘boutique,’ is seen as an advantage rather than a deterrent by our clients. Many have experienced the large company call centre fiasco where records get lost and their concerns are passed through many different departments.

Our focus on working with clients who like personal attention and share our values, sets us apart from the crowd and we are proud to do things differently. Having a smaller team means we can really get to know our clients – the way they like to do things, the way they like communicating with us and the ways they like to use and enjoy their wealth.

Clients who like a personal touch will naturally seek out companies that offer a more tailored approach and these are the clients we love to get to know and help.

Customers choosing smaller, independent organisations over big corporate ones isn’t something that’s unique to financial services; it’s a trend we’ve seen across many sectors in recent times. A 2018 report found that the number of independent stores opening on our high streets has surged.

We believe that small is beautiful; small is agile, and we know small can be powerful. Let’s embrace and be passionate about the smaller, less obvious, more nuanced things in life. Because often, it’s the small things that make the biggest difference!