A good financial planner is a coach not a salesperson

At Magenta we’re strong advocates of using our coaching skills to help build long lasting client relationships through improved communication and empathy.

As experts in our field, we have the technical knowledge and qualifications to provide our clients with excellent advice and we enjoy good relationships with our clients, as we help them through the mystical world of financial planning.

But we don’t just share our knowledge and match financial products and services with our clients’ needs. We coach our clients to help them come to their own conclusions, to consider their position and decide on their own actions and understand what could make them happier in life.

We gently guide and offer support to help them to develop a clear picture of what they want their financial future to look like and which passions they wish to pursue.

People not problems

Coaching gives you the time and space to delve deep into your thinking. It allows you to reflect on questions and consider what your life plan looks like, whether it’s achievable, and what you need to do to get there.

This process is ALL about you and what is important to you and your family.

Can you remember when someone last really, actively listened to you and your hopes and dreams, without interruption, or cutting in to have their say?

It feels good to have the opportunity to talk, to explore your thoughts, and to be heard and understood. Many of our clients say that to have deep conversations about their concerns and their future life, in a safe space with no judgement is extremely valuable to them.

Only when a client has reached a good level of clarity, can we be in a position to offer the best and most appropriate advice. Then we can have a closer, more meaningful adviser-client relationship, one that is more likely to endure and which provides a more rewarding and meaningful client service.

If your financial adviser talks but doesn’t listen; appears very knowledgeable but doesn’t understand your fears; is only interested in your money rather than in you and what would make you happy, perhaps it is time to look elsewhere.

Do call us for a friendly chat – you’ll soon be able to feel the difference.