All we want for Christmas is happiness this year! Here is our final installment, with tips 11-12!

We have been sharing these tips already on our social media sites this week. For those who don’t use Facebook or Twitter, here are our last two tips, published over the last week:

Tip 11 – Always keep growing

Growing as a person is a great way of moving towards happiness. While research finds that buying things leads to unhappiness, spending on experiences increases contentedness.

A trip to a museum, a language class, a play, an aerial walk through the trees. can all help us evolve in some way emotionally and physically. this then helps us to develop greater maturity and feel less selfish. Overcoming fears and concerns and just being more relaxed gives us a great feeling of achievement too.

Tip 12 – Be kind to your loved ones

We should never be afraid of expressing gratitude, being kind to them and spending quality time with them. Being kind to a loved one bolsters the relationship, which in turn makes it healthy and strong.

When we express gratitude, people generally feel happier. Telling a friend we feel grateful for him/her means he/she feels better, we feel better, and the relationship stays strong.

We wish you every happiness this Christmas.