Magenta is pleased to be able to support online money guru Holly Mackay and her website, Boring Money with the launch of a new Boring Money ‘Tribe’ – The Women Talk Finance Tribe.

Boring Money use a variety of ‘tribes’ – a clever way of tailoring content to the specific finance problem you may have  – eg ‘Suspicious Savers’ or ‘Giving Grandparents’. It’s a highly unique way of engaging with the public and talking about money.

Launched last week the new ‘tribe’ has been set up to help suss out investing and pensions and includes stories from women with money challenges and goals and aims to assist with expert views and guides.

Julie recently spent some time answering a real-life financial question from a lady called Linda, providing guidance and a Q&A, which now features on the site. She’s thrilled to be involved and keen to promote any service that helps women engage more with their money and myth bust!

You can read Julie’s information and Q&A on the site by clicking here.