Every small business like ours is reliant on word of mouth, recommendations and reviews for new clients and business.

Over the past 5 years, thanks to many of you, we’ve received over 65% of our new clients via referral!

We’re so very proud that so many of our clients are willing to provide testimonials, some via text, others on video – and we appreciate every single one of these.

If you haven’t already, if you’d be willing to feature in a client video, or would be happy to send a written testimonial to us via email we would love this.  

Please let us know by emailing hello@magentafp.com if you would be willing to be involved. 

You can see below how these video look and are formatted.

Alternatively (or in addition), if you are on Facebook or have a Google account, please could you leave us a Recommendation?

How to on Facebook  Go to the Magenta page https://www.facebook.com/MagentaFP and leave a review by clicking on reviews.

How to on Google search for Magenta Financial Planning – when this comes up – scroll down and on the right after our address etc will be the review. Click add a review.

Thank you so much!