Mike’s story

Case study

How did you hear about Magenta?

We met Gretchen 15 years ago when she was taken on by our local accountant and we’ve stayed with her ever since. We immediately felt her to be a really genuine person and liked the fact that she was always working hard to improve her knowledge.

What were you looking for help with?

Age 40, I embarked on a life change and needed to rearrange my finances. I’d resigned from my corporate role in London and moved to Wales to work for the local church.

Things were very tight at first with three children to provide for, so I made my own decisions about what to invest in, but eventually it got too complicated.

We decided to get specialist help, but we didn’t want to work with a big firm because we felt it would be impersonal.

By that time Gretchen was a financial adviser and because we’d kept in touch, we were able to move everything across to her, which was one of best things we ever did.

We’re retired now and we’re very fortunate that we’ve got enough to enjoy ourselves. Our goal is not to worry about money, which is why we pay Magenta to do that for us.

How do they compare to other advisers or professionals you’ve worked with in the past?

I know I can always knock on the door and speak to someone at Magenta. You don’t get a ‘hold’ message when you phone them, or a recording saying “Your call is important to us” which you do with the big companies.

And with them it’s not about selling you financial products. One of the first things Gretchen always does is ask how we are and about the family. It’s a very personal service.

What do you like most about working with them?

The best thing about working with Magenta is that I just feel totally relaxed about what they do. I have total confidence in their ability. I also see that they’re continually updating their knowledge, which means that I don’t need to keep up-to-date myself, I can leave it to them.

Our investment time frame is upwards of 15 years, so we’re not too bothered about the markets – we understand that they’ll always be ups and downs – and Gretchen knows that ours is a long-term plan.

My main concern when I was considering approaching a financial adviser was not to get ripped off on fees, but Magenta has a range of different fee structures and I feel I get very good value.

I trust Magenta implicitly and thoroughly enjoy working with all the people there.

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