Melanie and James are long standing clients of Julie’s and originally came to us (when trading as Cavendish) in 2008 and told us about their dream. They wanted to buy a yacht and sail around the world.

James worked in a high pressure IT sales role and Melanie was a self-employed employment consultant. They were both in their mid 40s and wanted to retire early.

We helped them to make a personal financial plan which involved downsizing from their house and organising their finances more effectively. We also undertook an exercise consolidating some of their pension funds and ensuring all tax efficient investment allowances were being used. Then in 2013 James was diagnosed with a serious heart problem and it looked as if their dream might not happen. Thankfully, with some great medical care and the help of a payout from a critical illness plan that we had also recommended, they set sail in their new Oyster in June 2015.

After taking part in the Atlantic Rally Crossing, they spent the winter in the Caribbean and the spring sailing up the east coast of America. Melanie and James are living and loving their dream and we feel privileged and delighted that we were able to help them achieve it.

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