Big changes often need big hugs!

No day is ever the same  – our clients are different; their needs and goals are different; their circumstances are different and often subject to change with little or no warning.

Some days bring good news and some not so good.

Today a heartbroken client called to tell us that she’d lost her husband of 42 years. A lovely man and a client himself for over 15 years.

Today she doesn’t need financial advice, she needs reassurance that she has nothing to worry about, we’ll take care of any administration and paperwork and work with her solicitor and her children to get things sorted out.

Then, when she is ready, we’ll work with her and support her and her family through this huge change and help her see a brighter future.

She doesn’t need a financial plan today, nor a discussion about future goals, nor paperwork, nor any financial solutions. She just needs someone to listen to her concerns and her memories – someone she knows she can trust, who can share a story or two about her husband and who has her wellbeing at heart.

At Magenta, when something so momentous happens, the whole team goes into overdrive to cushion the blow and take away as much stress and confusion as possible.

The relationships we build with clients are deep, meaningful and strong – concentrating on what they hold dear and important, rather than just on money.

We are privileged and honoured to be trusted with clients’ hopes and dreams, with family secrets and special interests and we too are very sad when we have to say goodbye to one of our lovely clients.

We take our responsibilities for these very seriously because we understand that even if clients initially come to us with a finance related issue, this is rarely the most important thing in their lives.

At Magenta we know that it is all about people.

If you or someone you know has suffered or is suffering a big change, do call us for a friendly chat BEFORE making any irrevocable decisions about financial matters. We know from experience that high emotion does not provide a good basis for rational thought and we will ensure that you don’t make any mistakes as a result.