When significant life milestones take place, it’s good to have the support of a Financial planner.

But how do you even find one? What is working with a financial planner like? Can’t you continue to look after the money and finances yourself?

It’s never been easier than it is now to search for, talk to, and work with a financial planner (thanks to google, facetime and video chats!).

You may be someone who handles your finances yourself. However, we can all benefit from the guidance of a professional – even financial planners have their own financial planners!

Why Is Working with a Financial Planner Helpful?

While you might be accustomed to managing your finances independently, there’s immense value in seeking the guidance of a professional. Just as a therapist tends to your mental well-being or a personal trainer hones your physical fitness, a financial planner nurtures your financial health.

We take a comprehensive approach to understanding your financial aspirations and values, empowering you to sculpt the life you desire while leveraging your finances to your advantage. Think of us as part coach, teacher, confidante, project manager, and progress checker.

We can also facilitate connections with other specialists, such as accountants for tax assistance or solicitors for estate planning needs.

At Magenta, we eschew the traditional focus solely on investments and retirement planning in favour of a more holistic assessment of our clients’ circumstances. We consider various factors that impact your financial landscape, ensuring that resources are allocated optimally and all avenues for effective management are explored.

Isn’t a Financial Planner Expensive?

A good Planner will discuss their fee structure with you so that everything is transparent, and you can see what you are paying for.

Our approach at Magenta emphasises building trust and understanding with our clients. We encourage prospective clients to interview multiple planners until they find one who resonates with their objectives and truly comprehends their vision. Our priority is your satisfaction and success.

What Is the Process Like?

Intially we’ll conduct a thorough telephone consultation to ascertain how we can assist you and delve into your motivations for seeking financial planning guidance.

Following this, we’ll gather pertinent information through a client questionnaire and embark on a Discovery Meeting to delve deeper into your goals, concerns, and financial landscape.

This lays the foundation for crafting a personalised lifetime cash flow forecast and our initial planning recommendations.

Subsequently, we’ll convene for a Planning Meeting to present our findings and proceed with implementing the agreed-upon strategies.

Regular follow-up sessions ensure that your financial plan remains aligned with your evolving circumstances and aspirations.

How Is Magenta Different?

We care about you and your family and what is important to you. We believe that money is an enabler and encourage our clients to live the best possible lives with the resources they have.

We work with clients to organise their financial affairs and make a personal financial plan, for their future security and happiness.

We provide an ongoing financial planning service, priding ourselves on being friendly and approachable and developing longstanding client relationships, often with the whole family.

When Should I Dismiss My Financial Planner?

Should you ever feel disillusioned or uneasy with your financial planner, don’t hesitate to seek alternatives. Your financial well-being is paramount, and it’s essential to collaborate with someone who values your input and respects your concerns.

If your money is invested in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable, then you can, (and should) dismiss your financial planner and find a planner who will listen to you. 

Whether you’re embarking on the quest for a financial planner in 2024 or contemplating a change, the Magenta team is here to offer support and guidance tailored to your unique needs and aspirations.

Reach out to us for an initial chat, and let’s explore how we can help you realise your financial goals and live your best life.

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