It’s a New Year and we have a brand new member of staff joining the Magenta team. A warm welcome to Diana. Join us as we find out more about her and her love for all things Hammer Horror!

  1. What is your role? Trainee Paraplanner
  2. What do you enjoy about working in financial planning? Using my knowledge to help others.
  3. What’s your pet hate? Crumbs in the butter!
  4. What’s your guilty pleasure? Watching terrible horror movies.
  5. What is one thing on your bucket list? Go on a tour of one of the wine producing regions in the world. I’ve not chosen a particular country yet, a river trip along the Rhine to each Schloss or toTarragona, Spain. Watch this space
  6. Name one song that if someone listened to its lyrics, they would know you better. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – PONPONPON. It’s pretty upbeat!

mock horror film poster