Life Changes

When you find yourself at a milestone like marriage, having children or retirement – or when a major life change happens to you, maybe without warning, such as divorce, bereavement, or a change in career – it’s easy to worry about making the right decisions because there’s so much to juggle and consider.

We’re here to help at these important moments. When life changes occur, it is easy to worry about making the right choices.

When you find yourself at a milestone like marriage, having children or retirement. Or an event arises without warning, such as divorce, bereavement or a change in career. There is a lot to consider. We are here to help during these significant moments of your life. 

If you’re going through a divorce, you might be worried about how to reach a settlement with your partner, to ensure you have enough money to build a new life. 

If you’ve been bereaved, you may feel overwhelmed and unable to make clear decisions about how to deal with your ongoing finances. 

If you have had a windfall or inheritance, you may feel a sense of responsibility and confusion as to what to do with it. 

Or perhaps you are retiring or considering a career change but you’re wondering how you can make it happen, and how it will impact on your finances and future life. 

In our experience, it is at these times in our lives that specialist support is most valuable. Good decisions are rarely made when we are emotional, or stressed. It is good to share your thinking with someone impartial, who can help you avoid expensive mistakes.

“With Magenta’s help we have been able to understand and shape our financial future so that, when the time came to make a life change, there were no surprises.

In our own circumstances, the need to change tack came out of the blue and Magenta reacted quickly to check how our new plans impacted our financial position” – Mike Nash

“I was considering my retirement and felt rather uneasy…. Very much wanting to make the most of my life while I’m able.

Before going to see Magenta, I was all at sea about the possibilities of what I’d be able to do when I retired” – Judith Jeeves

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