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Increasingly people want to consider their impact on the earth and it’s population. This is particularly important when it comes to investing their money.

Magenta has over 15 years’ experience of helping clients achieve their financial and wellbeing goals, using ethical and sustainable investments alongside their personal financial plan. We are experts in combining your personal life goals and helping you to have a positive impact on the world.

There is always a purpose behind financial investments. What is yours? 

Is it performance alone? Maybe it’s preserving your wealth for the next generation.  Or you may want your investments to reflect your values. 

Often clients will have strong feelings about investments in tobacco, armaments, alcohol and gambling. At Magenta we are very proud to have always offered an ethical and sustainable investment approach, which can cater to our client’s preferences. However, in the past, access to these investment solutions has only been possible for those with large amounts to invest and a higher risk appetite.

 In the last 4-5 years this has ALL changed. Now around 75% of all our new clients say they would like to play their part in helping to make the world a better place, however small their contribution. 

 The majority of these clients want alternatives to traditional investments. To both make money for themselves, and to make a difference to our planet and its people. The good news is – it is possible to do both!

At Magenta we really believe in improving the impact we have on the world. We are  members of the UK Sustainable Investment and Financial Association (UKSIF) and a Climate Positive Workforce – offsetting all our employees carbon footprint each year and constantly striving to make improvements for the greater good.  

If sustainability or specific ethical choice is high on your agenda, we can help develop a strategy and personal financial plan that can reflect all your personal values. 


“It has been important to us to invest ethically while ensuring that we still achieved a good return.  Magenta has enabled us to do that with confidence by identifying suitable ethical and sustainable investment portfolios which take account of our risk profiles.” – Jon Tudor & Alison Willis

“It was a refreshing and encouraging change to talk with Gretchen and her team at Magenta who fully understood our desire to make our money work to protect the environment, counter climate change, enhance welfare and improve the lives of others.

We are now confident that our financial future is secure, based on investments that not only look after our wellbeing but also that of the world and our grandchildren’s future.” – William Hall

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