At Magenta we help clients to build plans for their future security and happiness and this includes thinking about our retirement and in particular how we are going to arrange our retirement finances to ensure that we can do everything we would like to do with all that free time.

Pensions are complex financial arrangements with so many different options leading to different consequences – no wonder many people find them incomprehensible! But don’t worry, we are here to help de-mystify and simplify to make retirement as comfortable and worry-free as possible.

But it is also important to focus on what you will do with your time once you have stopped working. The following list of issues describes a bad retirement:

  • Boredom; No (or not enough) hobbies; No social network; Marital strain; Trouble adapting; Feeling isolated; Loss of identity; Intellectual decline; Lack of structure; Health issues; Not enough savings; Fear of spending money

Now, compare that list with this one (attributes of people who enjoy a happy retirement):

  • Community engagement; Robust network; ; Active social life; Work (at least part-time); Fulfilling hobbies; Routines; Purpose-driven activities; Well thought-out plan; Positive family relationships; Coaching/mentoring; Physical activity; Supporting a cause; Having enough savings; Still challenging self

You can quickly see how planning ahead, financially and psychologically, is so important and at Magenta we focus on the bigger picture and take into consideration the quality of life and happiness of our clients.

During many discussions with clients, it has become obvious to us that there are many free or inexpensive resources available to help with financial decisions, organisation, or making retirement fulfilling and purposeful.

The good news is, we have put together a tool kit, full of free tools and ideas to help you.

Download Retirement Planning Toolkit here

In our toolkit we have included services, skills and tips that will enable you to:

  • Make some great retirement plans
  • Realise that retirement isn’t all about pensions!
  • Prepare emotionally for leaving work and your established networks
  • Avoid feeling lonely and directionless
  • Get more information about your existing arrangements
  • Be financially secure
  • Pursue your life goals without worrying about money
  • Be happy

We are also offering a free 30 minute Magenta Retirement Planning telephone call, offering both financial planning guidance and a friendly ear, if you need support.