This month, we’ll be looking at ways you can stay financially safe.

If you, or someone close, is experiencing cognitive disturbance or requires some extra support, our handy infographic contains key advice on how to stay financially secure.

how to stay safe with dementia

We’ve created it as a handy PDF that you can print off and share with family and friends. Click here to download- Magenta’s Top Tips to Staying Safe

We’ve also created a no cold-callers sign. Pop this sign in your doorway as a means of deterring cold-callers from knocking your door. If you think a family or friend could benefit, why not print one off and share it with them. You can download it by right clicking on the picture below.

No cold callers sign

If you know someone who would find this post useful, then please share. Together we can work together to build a society that supports all to feel good and function well, financially and in all aspects of life.