We are delighted to announce that our Magenta Manual is now available as a digital version as requested by many of our clients who want to keep all their important information electronically in one safe place.

The first paper version of the Manual was given to all our clients and some members of their family, to provide an easy way to record important information such as who insures the house and car; details of medications; important life contacts – family members, friends and domestic suppliers as well as professional services and utility providers.

It was designed to help people store other information relating to life insurance, pension and investment details; a list of assets and liabilities as well as directions to essential documents such as Wills and Powers of Attorney.

Your Magenta Manual will help you and your family to keep a record of virtually every aspect of your life, so that if you cannot deal with things yourself, someone else can take over and help you out.

The Manual was inspired by many of our clients who have lost partners and subsequently found it difficult to resume normal life because they did not know how their partner had organised things. It is also useful for adult children to deal with the estates of deceased parents, family or friends.

The Manual can now be completed online; amended and updated as regularly as necessary and stored on your computer, in our client portal and/or easily sent to and shared with friends and family if you wish.

We have also designed a “My Final Wishes” document to accompany the Manual, which contains detailed information about your final wishes – funeral plans, arrangements, celebrations, and special requests – to help your loved ones when you are gone.

We believe everyone should really aim to complete the Magenta Manual, helping those who may be left to manage your home and money if you are no longer able to, so download the documents below, to help you get organised.