Who we are

We are a small team of financial planners, wealth managers and paraplanners based in Bridgend, South Wales.

At Magenta we focus on the bigger picture.

We genuinely care about people and about getting them to where they want to go in life. We just happen to be doing that through financial planning.

Financial planning isn’t just about the numbers, it’s about helping people to enjoy life and achieve security and happiness over the long term. That means it can’t be covered in a one-off meeting.

We will meet on a regular basis and take time to get to know you and to find out how you want to live your live and what your dreams and aspirations are for the future.

We then create a financial plan to get you there.

We inspire people to pursue their passions and give people permission to spend! We’ve inspired people to fly business class when they never dreamed they’d be able to afford it. Or take a second cruise when they thought their first was a once-in-a-lifetime event.

We want to help more and more people get to a position where they’re excited about their financial future, not worried by it. Where they can relax and enjoy life, knowing they have a plan that sets them on a course for future happiness.

We love being able to offer reassurance, and to make people feel confident about their finances and happier about their money.

That’s why our tagline is ‘Planning with Passion’.

The Magenta team is here to help you:

  • Feel organised and in control
  • Understand what is financially possible for you, your family, your career and your leisure time
  • Have more time to enjoy the things that make you happy
  • Identify and overcome obstacles to your future happiness
  • Feel reassured that you have enough money to do whatever you want to
  • Feel confident about your financial and life decisions
  • Simplify and better understand your financial affairs
  • Understand how your decisions will affect your future life
  • Manage your money, time and other resources most effectively
  • Ensure the right amount of money will be in the right place at the right time, for as long as you need it
  • Improve your financial wellbeing

Our team

Julie Lord

Julie Lord

Executive Consultant

Julie is a Certified Financial Planner, a Chartered Financial Planner and a Chartered Wealth Manager.

She is a regular speaker on the importance of financial planning and sits on the Personal Finance Society Financial Planning Panel.

Julie has two daughters, Mary and Annie, and lives in Chepstow. She is a keen skier, golfer and cyclist and loves travelling. She plays tenor saxophone in the Chepstow Big Band and loves all types of music. She has recently learned to scuba dive and achieved her MSA rally driving licence!

Julie loves to learn new things and her current passions include learning Spanish and how to paint with acrylics.

Gretchen Betts

Gretchen Betts

Managing Director & Financial Planner

Gretchen is a Certified Financial Planner, a Chartered Financial Planner and a Chartered Wealth Manager. She’s passionate about working closely with clients to understand what they really want from life and to help break down some of the barriers people have when talking about money.

She believes that financial planning isn’t just about the numbers, it’s about helping people understand what’s possible with the resources they have available and encouraging them to pursue their passions!

Gretchen holds a BA (hons) in Ceramics and when she is not working, likes experimenting with all types of art and craft, but in particular, anything textile based.

She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, travelling to explore new places and entertaining her Persian cat, Basil.

Allyson Hopkins

Allyson Hopkins

Business Manager

Allyson is Magenta’s Business Manager and assists Gretchen with business management, accounts, compliance and all things HR!

Allyson has worked the in the Finance industry for over 20 years. Allyson has worked for Insurance, Mortgage and Secured loan companies. She’s a firm believer in providing an excellent service for clients and that everyone should be treated equally and fairly.

Allyson enjoys trying to keep fit by swimming and Pilates and is prone to a bit of mum dancing to Shakira. Family is extremely important to Allyson; she is kept busy running around after her teenage daughter.

When she gets some free time, Allyson likes to spend it reading mystery novels with a large bar of chocolate and her cats Buster and Cookie sat by her.

Mandy Whitburn

Mandy Whitburn

Client Liaison

Mandy has worked in financial planning for 17 years and joined Magenta when we launched in 2016. She’s worked closely with our clients for many years and loves a good project and to problem solve. Mandy looks after all our client enquiries, both new and from existing clients and enjoys the variety this brings to her role.

Mandy lives within walking distance of the beach in the West Wales countryside which she loves. She is a self-proclaimed crochet addict and yarn hoarder! She has four grandchildren who keep her on her toes and is a member of her local book club.

Clare Hopkins

Clare Hopkins

Technical Specialist

Clare has worked in financial services since she left school in various roles from banks, to large and small financial advisory firms, and is part of Magenta’s paraplanning team as Technical Specialist.

Clare is Diploma qualified in Regulated Financial Planning and can advise clients.

Clare has a son, cat and shih tzu puppy who keep her busy at home and enjoys live music and comedy events with friends and family.
Clare has travelled extensively since she was 18 years old when she backpacked around Australia, USA, Canada and Mexico and enjoys more active holidays.

Valerie Binding

Valerie Binding

Business Support

Valerie has over 20 years’ experience within financial services. In her role she assists with accounts, payroll and general office management.

In her spare time she enjoys going for long walks along the coastal paths of West Wales and arranging holidays for her and her husband, Graham. In recent years they’ve been bitten by the cruising bug and enjoy this type of holiday with friends.

Valerie is a grandmother and much of her time is spent with her granddaughter and family.

Jessica Geere

Jessica Geere

Trainee Planner

Jessica graduated from Swansea university, obtaining her BSc in Physics in 2018. Since then she has been working in financial services, learning about the profession and its various roles.

Jess is training to be a Financial Planner and studying for her Regulated Diploma in Financial Planning.

In her spare time she enjoys keeping active, walking the Gower coast or taking classes in her local gym. She also loves food and keeps a food blog of all the delicious places she’s visited and meals she has experimented with!

Carly Kenny

Carly Kenny

Technical Assistant

Carly has worked in financial services since she left school and is part of Magenta’s paraplanning team.

She’s currently studying for her Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning.

At home, Carly is kept busy by being a mum taxi to her two sons and keeping her young daughter entertained in various soft play places! She enjoys running, weekends away camping with her family and going to live music and comedy events.



Fluffy Motivator

Basil is our youngest and fluffiest team member. Basil lives with our MD, Gretchen and was adopted from Cats Protection Bridgend.

He’s a classic Tabby Persian and is 7 years old. He enjoys chasing balls and feathers, frequent napping and is keen to learn to add and subtract. Basil is not permitted to give any financial advice.

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