Have you heard of financial planning?
Financial planning is much more than pensions, investments and financial products.

It can help answer life’s big questions like: What do I want to do with my life? When can I afford to retire? What income will I need? Can I afford to make gifts to my family?

It’s different to traditional financial advice which usually focuses on your money and investment performance rather than you as a person.

Financial planning looks at the bigger picture, at your life as a whole, your hopes and dreams for the future. It’s about creating a long-term plan to help you to achieve everything you want in life with the money you have.

At Magenta we are passionate about ensuring that our clients achieve a state of financial well-being where they feel confident about their money and what it can help them to do in the future, allowing them the freedom to pursue their passions.  

We believe that financial well-being can be defined as:

  • Having control over day-to-day, month-to-month finances;
  • Having the capacity to absorb a financial shock;
  • Being on track to meet your financial and lifestyle goals; and
  • Having the financial freedom to make the choices that allow you to enjoy life and feel happy and secure.

We are financial planners and we look forward to working with you to plan your life and financial future.

Who we help

We enjoy working with people who are approaching and in retirement, business owners and other busy people; and people who are going through a major life change such as divorce, bereavement, inheritance, windfall or a career change.

People come to us with concerns about their current financial circumstances and/or when they need to make a big life decision. They might have accumulated a number of plans or policies over the years and are feeling unsure about what they are; how much they are worth and what they can do for them.

They have dreams for the future, but not knowing about whether they are affordable is holding them back. Some people need reassurance that they have enough, whilst others need guidance to effectively accumulate more.

We help them to move forward with confidence by creating a financial plan that will help them to live life to the full without worrying about money.

What we do

At Magenta we have always said that money in itself is not important – it is what it can do to enrich our lives and enable us to achieve our heart’s desires that is its great value.

      At Magenta we will:

      • Ask questions to find out what is important to you
      • Challenge and determine your priorities
      • Establish and evaluate your current financial position
      • Work together to create a robust future-proof plan
      • Make recommendations for your success
      • Keep you on the right track
      • Empower you to pursue your passions
      • Improve your financial well-being

      We’re also here to adjust your plan if things change – whether good or bad.

      Our aim is to give you peace of mind in knowing that no matter what happens in your life, you’ll enjoy a financially secure future.

        Approaching and

        in retirement

        Business owners
        and busy people

        Planning around a

        a major life change

        “With Magenta it’s a holistic service rather than selling the latest product, and it’s constantly evolving, with recommendations that evolve over time.” – Mark

        “The best thing about working with Magenta is that I just feel totally relaxed about what they do. I have total confidence in their ability.” – Mike

        “Whenever I’ve come across finance before it’s seemed impenetrable and intimidating… But it’s completely different with Magenta.” – Mary


        How does it feel to be a Magenta client?

        Our clients tell it like it is!

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