What makes you happy?

Client Stories
Our Financial Planning clients come from a variety of different backgrounds and are predominantly concerned about their future financial security and their ability to live life to the full.

They would like our help to make plans so they can enjoy their life and not worry about money in the future.

Rather than Magenta list all the reasons why clients are happy with our advice and remain clients for many years, we thought we would let their stories speak for themselves.

Below you will find a collection of client stories to illustrate how we’ve helped people just like you with their Financial Planning, to achieve the things that matter most in their life and to be secure and happy!

Tim and Dawn

“Magenta helped us to get organised to achieve a better work-life balance and greater income and also showed us that our dreams of moving back home to the Peak District were realistic and achievable.”

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“When I first met Julie nearly 20 years ago she explained how important it was to invest my money wisely and to draw up a plan to determine my income needs and the investment returns needed so that I didn’t have to worry about funding my future lifestyle.”

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“Magenta’s focus on my goals and regular meetings to discuss my lifetime cashflow forecast, have enabled me to be comfortable in making big life changing decisions, such as moving house and visiting family abroad each year.”

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“I met with Gretchen and we agreed that the first step was to establish exactly what I would get in monetary terms from the pension share and then to establish was my financial position would be. Gretchen explained things to me in a way I understand, so that I could feel more confident about the decisions I needed to make.”

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“Magenta has ensured that I can manage my capital resources well and I have a huge amount of gratitude for the support of the Magenta team in enabling me to maintain my lifestyle and purpose in life.”

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Mark and Amanda

“Julie’s great quality is to look at what we want from our lives first and then to suggest how we can organise our money to make this possible. We spend more time talking to her about holiday plans than stock market performance. Having said this, we have never doubted her astuteness when it comes to our investments.”

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“Julie encourages me to focus on what is important to me and what I want to get out of my life. She has always been interested in me and my family and what we want to achieve and less so in my money.”

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