Planning a life change

When you find yourself at a milestone like marriage, changing career, receiving an inheritance or retirement, it’s easy to worry about making the right decisions because there’s so much to juggle and consider

We’re here to help at these important moments. Even though these may be desired life changes often prompted by your own decision, transitions like this can be difficult to adjust to financially. We help take the worry away so you can celebrate these events in your life.

“I’m so impressed by how friendly, helpful and welcoming they were, from the start when I first walked through the job I felt comfortable.” – Judith


When you’ve gotten married, you might now be wondering about how to combine your finances, or if you can afford to move or save for the future.

Changing career

If you have decided to change career, but don’t know how this is financially viable or where to begin with laying out a plan, you may feel overwhelmed and unable to make clear decisions about how to deal with your ongoing finances.

Receiving an inheritance

Whilst in the main this is a good thing, often this is tied up with all sorts of emotion and making a decision can be difficult. Many people worry about making the wrong decisions.


Time for a blowout celebration? A new car, a great holiday? But then concerns about how much can be spent each year without running out of money and worries about if there will be enough kick in.

Why Magenta?

Our experience is that women are less likely to seek advice about their financial affairs due to issues around knowledge, confidence, trust and relationships.

Around half of our clients are women and we see this increasing year on year. Typically, they have turned to us for advice to plan for a major life change – and to ensure that they, and their family, can remain secure while pursuing their passions and ensuring a great work/life balance.

At Magenta, we’re passionate about helping you develop a vision and strategy for your personal financial wellbeing, and that of your family.

What we do

Listen to you and understand your passions

  • Get to know you and find out what is important to you
  • Discuss, challenge and determine your priorities
  • Establish and evaluate your current financial position

Develop a strategy and plan

  • Work together to create a robust future-proof plan, exploring various options for you
  • Make recommendations for your success
  • Implement your new plan and deal with all the paperwork

Ongoing support and monitoring

  • Keep you on the right track
  • Empower you to pursue your passions
  • Improve your financial well-being

We’re also here to adjust your plan if things change – whether good or bad. Our aim is to give you peace of mind in knowing that no matter what happens in your life, you’ll enjoy a financially secure future.

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