Approaching and in Retirement

Retiring is an exciting time

Without the limits of having to go to work each day, you have the freedom to enjoy your own time. But this transition can also be stressful and is a major change. It has the potential to affect your health, relationships and sense of identity.

Worrying about money can also play a part. No one knows how long they might live for, so how can you be sure you have enough?

We’ll take those worries away by creating a plan that shows you exactly how you can afford to enjoy retirement the way you’d really like to and what you can afford to spend or give away.

We’ll ask you questions such as “When would you like to stop working?”, “What does financial security mean to you?” and “What have you always wanted to do but never got round to?” We’ll sympathetically challenge your thinking to find out what matters to you most.

Then we’ll take a look at your current finances and track down any plans or policies you might have bought previously with a view to streamlining them.

Finally, we’ll create a detailed financial plan that shows you what you have, what you need, and how to make up the shortfall if there is one.

We’ll manage that plan going forward, meeting you regularly to make sure you’re on track and to make any necessary changes. This will help to maximise your chances of achieving the retirement you’ve dreamed of.

Questions we help you answer:

  • How much do I need to retire?
  • Should I buy an annuity?
  • Can I retire early?
  • Can I give money to my children/grandchildren?
  • Should I take my pension as a lump sum?
  • Do I need to sell my home?

Mike’s story

“Age 40, I embarked on a life change and needed to rearrange my finances. I’d resigned from my corporate role in London and moved to Wales to work for the local church. 

Things were very tight at first with three children to provide for, so I made my own decisions about what to invest in, but eventually it got too complicated.

We decided to get specialist help, but we didn’t want to work with a big firm because we felt it would be impersonal. 

By that time Gretchen was a financial adviser and because we’d kept in touch, we were able to move everything across to her, which was one of best things we ever did.”

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