At Magenta we have a lot of experience in working with women who want to get a better handle on their financial affairs. Helping them to ensure that they have a secure and happy future, and therefore allowing them to pursue their own individual passions.

Women are often disadvantaged financially because they are likely to have much less saved for retirement than men. Typically because of their working life pattern – being flexible with family requirements and historically, taking a back step financially.

There is no shortage of statistics that depict the challenges or shortcomings that women face in managing their financial lives. However, the great news is that this is all changing.

A study by Barclays tells us that by 2025, women will have more financial power than ever before, with more than 60% of the UK’s wealth expected to be in their hands.

Research by Netwealth indicates that over 30% of women aged between 16 and 34 have opted against sharing financial assets with their significant other, with nearly half of them saying they feel it will compromise their financial independence.

This research shows that the tide is shifting – in the very near future women will have more financial power than ever before. More single professional women, those choosing not to have children, more cases of divorce, more women inheriting wealth and greater longevity are all playing a part in this shift.

Our experience is that women are less likely to seek advice about their financial affairs due to issues around knowledge, confidence, trust and relationships.

Around half of our clients are women and we see this increasing year on year. Typically, they have turned to us for advice to plan for a major life change – and to ensure that they, and their family, can remain secure while pursuing their passions and ensuring a great work/life balance.

We’re proud to be a mainly female team, setting us apart from the norm in the financial advice profession. We can offer our clients the opportunity to meet with a female or male financial planner, whichever you’d feel more comfortable with.

At Magenta, we’re passionate about helping you develop a vision and strategy for your personal financial wellbeing, and that of your family. We will work with you every step of the way, keeping things simple and easy to access.



“Whenever I’ve come across finance before it’s seemed impenetrable and intimidating, you meet people who are just trying to sell you things.

That can be very scary, especially if you’re not financially aware.

But it’s completely different with Magenta. They’re not trying to sell you a product – they care about you and your long-term future.” – Rachel Mcgee

“I was really keen to work with a woman because I just knew I’d find this a little easier, as we were going through quite an emotionally difficult time.

The best thing about working with Magenta is I trust them implicitly, no doubt they have our best interests at heart.” – Jane Lorimer

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