At Magenta we help clients to build plans for their future security and happiness and this includes thinking about how to get back in the game when a relationship comes to an end.

Divorce is generally a stressful and unsettling event. A major relationship is ending, all sorts of routines are upset, and in the midst of the stress of transition there are legal hoops to jump through before things can be resolved. Add in the volatile emotions that are frequently associated with divorce and you have a difficult situation indeed.

We understand those common feelings of anger, grief and fear of the future and will work with you (and in some cases your spouse or partner too) to help you arrive at a fair financial settlement and then organise and simplify your financial affairs so you can move confidently forward into the next stage of your life.

We have personal experience in this unsettling and often unpleasant phase, but it is by no means unusual for relationships to end and we are seeing more and more clients in their later years, who have decided that life is too short to spend the rest of it with someone they don’t love anymore.

At Magenta we focus on the bigger picture and take into consideration the quality of life and happiness of our clients. It is often the case that as one door closes (even if it is slammed in fury!) another one opens onto a world of opportunity and potential.

The costs of separation and divorce can be very high if the process is not handled well – we can help to take away the financial sting and much of the stress, if we are consulted early in the discussions so that we can champion the needs of our clients and their families.

There may also be any number of extraordinary tasks that must be accomplished during the transition from married to single person (such as finding a new house, turning on utilities, changing insurance plans etc.) which add to the general mayhem. Creating a list and prioritising such necessary chores can help to reduce their stressful impact on your life.

We can help to manage your emotional and financial recovery during and after a separation.

During many discussions with clients, it has become obvious that there are many free or inexpensive resources available to help divorcing couples with reaching financial settlements, organisation, practical advice and emotional support.

The good news is, we have put together a tool kit with ideas to help you get started.

Download Divorce Toolkit here

In our toolkit we have included services, skills and tips that will enable you to:

  • Determine how much you need from the relationship assets to be secure
  • Reach a fair and amicable financial settlement
  • Have a good understanding of the divorce process and how this affects you
  • Create a future budget for your new life
  • Organise your financial future
  • Refresh or complete your Wills and Powers of Attorney
  • Be financially secure
  • Pursue your life goals without worrying about money
  • Be happy

We are also offering a free 30 minute Magenta Divorce/separation telephone call, offering both financial planning guidance and a friendly ear, if you need support.