We all know that Nursing Care in later life is expensive and can use up a significant proportion, if not all of our savings.

We were glad to hear that the Government introduced a “Care Cap” in the Care Act 2014 which they said would be implemented in 2020. The purpose of this was to put a limit on the amount payable for nursing care so that people could still pass on some of their wealth to their children etc.

However, in a Parliamentary Statement in the House of Commons last Thursday (7th December 2017) the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Health (Jackie Doyle-Price), said “we will not take forward the previous Government’s plans to implement a cap on care costs in 2020”

She went on to say that “Further details of the Government’s plans will be set out after we have consulted on the options. The Green Paper will focus primarily on reform of care for older people, but will consider elements of the adult care system that are common to all recipients of social care.”

 So, the Care Cap will now NOT come into effect in 2020 or indeed at all.

 If the cost of nursing care is an issue that may affect you or someone you know, please feel free to get in touch for a friendly chat.