If you’ve visited our website recently you may have noticed that we have added a new page under the ‘who we help’ section of the website, entitled ‘Positive Impact’. You can visit this page HERE.

If you visit the page you’ll see that we’ve created a free guide to ‘green’ investments for you to download.
‘Green’ investments also go by other names: Ethical, Sustainable, Positive Impact or ESG, to name just a few. Something as simple as doing good with your money is made more difficult by there being lots of labels to describe similar ways of investing.

Generally, when things are confusing, it makes it less appealing to act, for fear of doing the wrong thing. So, to help fix this, we’ve created this guide with the intention that it will help people be able to distinguish between the different ways of doing good with money.

We know how impactful on the world investing in this way can be and we also know that more and more people are becoming interested in this. We want to provide lots of interesting and useful information, to enable you to not only learn more but also to feel confident to act, should you wish to.

This guide will:
• Help you understand more about making your money more Green, Clean and Kind
• Challenge you to consider your values in this area and ask if you are already adopting sustainable practices at home or at work
• Debunk some jargon!
• Talk about the differences between ethical, ESG and Positive Impact investing
• Give you information about the case for investing ethically.

This guide is for everyone; Magenta clients, or anyone who you think may want to understand more about these types of investments, such as friends or family. Please do feel free to forward it on to anyone you think may like to read it.
You can follow this link to find the guide: Magenta’s Guide to Green Investing