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Now that we’ve crossed into the new tax year as of April 6th, it’s crucial to be aware of potential changes affecting your financial plans. Tweaks to tax allowances, particularly the reduced Capital Gains Tax exemption, could have an impact, so it’s wise to stay informed.

For our long-time clients, you know we’re all about making the most of ISAs and Pensions early in the tax year. We’ll reach out or discuss this at our next meeting. And if you have any queries about how tax allowance changes might affect you personally, do get in touch.

The past 5-6 months have seen significant swings in the market, which is generally positive. However, over the last year, global and domestic markets have seen mixed performances due to factors like geopolitical events and supply chain issues. Sectors like technology and renewable energy have shown promising growth, albeit with some ups and downs, while traditional sectors face challenges adapting to changing economic conditions.

Despite the landscape’s uncertainty, our strategy remains centred on careful selection and global diversification, striving for steady portfolio growth while balancing risks and opportunities.

Exciting news from our team – Junior Planner Aled has been shortlisted for the Rising Star of the Year at the Finance Wales Awards next month. It’s a testament to his hard work and innovative contributions to Magenta. Congratulations, Aled!

A quick heads up about Mandy’s schedule – she’s now part-time, working four days a week and unavailable on Fridays. But don’t worry, there’s always someone on hand to assist you.

Wishing Mandy all the best as she enjoys her reduced work hours and long weekends!

Remember, we’re here for any financial planning assistance you need, or just for a chat.

Take care until next time!

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