As a follow-up to my recent blog about my mum and her dementia, I thought I would also share with you the wonderful experience she had recently when the care home took her and six other residents to Llandudno for a holiday.  Some of the residents have dementia like mum and others are profoundly disabled.

They went to the Esplanade hotel in Llandudno for a long weekend with a “Wartimers” theme.

The hotel is fully equipped with call buttons for the hotel’s own care staff, all bathroom aids, hoists and other lifting devices you could possible need. You could go there with your relative and they could be looked after while you had a break to wander around and do some sightseeing, or of course you could take them too in one of the hotel’s wheelchairs that are available for hire if you wish.

Mum had a fantastic time and although sadly she cannot really remember what she did, her mood since her return has been much more upbeat and if prompted, she will remember certain things. Apparently she ate very well while she was there and was up in the hotel bar every night until almost midnight singing along to the music etc. having a fantastic time. Normally she would be in bed by early evening.

If they offer a trip here again mum will definitely be going along. It was not a budget holiday but it was worth every penny for what mum got from the experience. Nobody will bat an eyelid at any strange behaviour like they might in other hotels because it is designed for the elderly and disabled and they have seen it all before.

The Esplanade Hotel