You will now start to see predictions appearing in the press – some of these will be economic (maybe to do with Brexit,) some of these will be political (again maybe to do with Brexit) and some will be financial (probably with some reference to Brexit!) 

Investment managers will guess (sorry we mean predict) what will happen to our money next year and many people will be persuaded to act in accordance with these “predictions.”

At Magenta we will make no such predictions, simply because we don’t know what is going to happen in the world in 2018 – and frankly neither, with any certainty, does anyone else! 

What we can say is that we promise that any money we look after, will be invested diversely so as to reduce risk and monitored regularly in line with clients’ personal plans and goals to ensure that we maximise client happiness and security. 

Call us for a friendly chat if you want some down to earth advice with no guesswork.