Autumn is upon us and we are starting to see the lovely warm weather and light evenings turn to colder and darker skies. We know change is not always a bad thing, and just like the change of seasons, Magenta has seen some changes recently – we’re keen to embrace these as we enter our 8th year!

Leavers, joiners, new roles

At the beginning of September, we said goodbye to Jamie Flook from the team. We wish him all the best with his new job!

It’s sad to see anyone leave the team but nice to see how changes can bring renewed dynamic and positivity.

This month we’re looking forward to welcoming our new Trainee Planner/Paraplanner, Holly Evans. Holly is a Bridgend local who is making a career change to Financial Planning. We look forward to introducing her to you all in the coming months.

We’ve also had some in team promotions, with Allyson becoming a Director and Isabel taking on a new role as Marketing Administrator, as well as her Financial Administrator work.

Congratulations to Allyson and Isabel!

Birthdays and photo shoot!

It has been birthday month for us as we celebrated Magenta turning 7 and Aled and Mollie’s birthdays. Mollie celebrated her 20th birthday with a trip to Bluestone and a Thermal Spa and Aled with a trip to the lovely West Wales.

We recently had our annual photoshoot, which was planned to be outside, but a typical wet Welsh day scuppered that plan and we ended up inside! Despite this, we had a lovely morning, with a lot of laughter and got some great new photos for the website and press – keep an eye out for them over the coming months!

Exams and study time

Aled (Trainee Planner) is taking his final exam shortly to become Diploma qualified. Aled has whizzed through the exams so far and we wish him lots of luck on this final one. Whilst he has a way to go with his training before he can advise clients on his own, reaching this stage so quickly is a huge achievement.

Our youngest team member Mollie has just started her Financial Planning exam path. Mollie is very excited to get her studying under way as she loves learning new skills.

End of summer holidays

This month Gretchen took a long waited for trip to The Highlands of Scotland with her parents, she enjoyed long beach walks, fresh sea air and sampling the local gin! The weather was very kind to them.

Carly has been busy spending time with her family and is one of the many parents grateful that the summer holidays are over, as Carly said, “it’s nice to get back to normality”.

Mandy our resident crotchetier is busy making blankets for the winter and is happy to be back to cosy nights in. She currently has over 300 balls of wool in her house so there’s no worry she’ll not manage to keep busy through the winter!

We wish you all an enjoyable autumn and winter as the seasons change.