In the ever-evolving world of Financial Planning, staying in touch with the latest news, legislative changes, and market trends, and how we communicate these to you, is really important to Magenta.

Since Magenta’s launch, almost 8 years ago, we’ve written and delivered a Blog update to you every Tuesday. Around 18 months ago Gretchen also started recording her monthly video updates, and then 12 months ago we introduced our monthly newsletter.

That’s over 50 blogs per year, 12 videos and over 36 topics covered in the newsletter – that’s a lot of content!

We’ve taken some time over the last few months to evaluate the importance of these, including what you, as consumers of the content, engage with; what seems most helpful, how best to maximise efficiencies and what we, as a business, like producing.

We have concluded that moving forward we want to ensure that every piece of content you receive from us is not only relevant, but that it enhances both your understanding of technical topics, and engagement with our brand.

Starting this month, we are revamping our communication approach to introduce a more streamlined, focused, and impactful way of keeping you informed and engaged.

The traditional schedule of weekly blogs is being replaced with a more curated and strategic distribution of content.

So, here’s what you can expect going forward:

Monthly Client Newsletter: Our newly revamped newsletter will be the main part of our communications with you. Delivered straight to your inbox each month, this comprehensive newsletter will keep you up to date with the most pertinent news, insights, and developments. Designed to cover a broad range of topics, the newsletter will ensure you’re always in the loop without overwhelming your inbox.

Selective Blogs: Understanding the importance of quality over quantity, we will shift our focus towards publishing one highly relevant blog. We envisage this will be each month. If there isn’t anything significant to report we may skip a month, rather than write for the sake of it!

Gretchen’s Video Updates: To maintain a more personal and engaging touch, Gretchen will continue to deliver her video updates. These segments will offer a unique perspective on any professional news, Magenta’s latest endeavours, and other interesting titbits. Gretchen’s video updates have always been a hit and the most engaging content we produce, so we intend to hold her to them!

We believe that by adopting this new approach, we can ensure that every piece of content you receive from us is not only timely and pertinent but that it will be focused on what truly matters for our clients and partners.

See you next month!