Money continues to be something we are reluctant to talk about with others.

It means that often we make financial decisions on our own, and unless we have great advice, we may be left worrying about whether we have done the right thing.

If you’re not confident about your finances, it can have serious implications for your future financial planning. Here are a few examples of how this can manifest.

Knowing your worth

When you last applied for a job, were you feeling self-assured about negotiating your salary? Did you enter the process ready to advocate for a higher pay package? It’s crucial to conduct thorough research and stand confidently behind the value you bring to the table. This empowers you to secure a compensation that truly reflects your worth.

I’m not sure I made the right investment decision

Buying high and selling low is a clear indicator of not feeling confident. Even if your portfolio is well put together, there will still be moments when it takes a dip. Now, when things get tough, the real question is: will you stick to your guns and stay confident in your investment decisions? Or might you be tempted to go with the flow and sell when the markets at a low point? It’s all about keeping holding onto your confidence!

Keeping up with the Joneses

Maybe you thought buying a Ford Focus was a smart money decision. Maybe your neighbour thought it made more sense to buy a Range Rover.

Sometimes people spend money based on what they think their neighbours do.

Well, forget about that!

There’s really no reason to believe that they’ve got it all figured out better than you have. Having more confidence means trusting that your decisions are the best fit for you.

It lets you stay true to your own budget and financial values, instead of following someone else’s lead. Trust your instincts and own your financial choices!

The key is awareness

The next time you stand at the crossroads of a decision that could significantly shape your financial and life plan, ask yourself this: how does this make me feel?

If those vital decisions seem daunting, are causing nerves or leading you to procrastinate, don’t hesitate – pick up the phone for a quick chat.

Having a trusted financial adviser can be very reassuring and it won’t cost as much as you think!

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