Very broadly speaking there are 2 types of financial adviser. There are those for whom the most important factor in your relationship equation, is your money and then those who understand that putting what you want out of life at the centre of things, is the proper way forward.

At Magenta we focus only on the second aspect – ie: your hopes and dreams for the future and we make a concerted and continuing effort to understand our clients’ story—past, present, and future.

Only then will we look at the resources that are available to make your dreams come true – ie: how can you use your money to make the difference.

A different angle

Imagine you were given the opportunity to work with two travel agents. The first agent sits down with you and provides you the costs of fuel, car rental, and public transport in the countries you’re traveling to, as well as the costs of lodging, food, and travel insurance—obviously this is important information to have.

The agent also offers to prepare a travel budget, promising to try and get you the best price on products and services arranged through his/her firm.  So far, so good.

Now imagine that the second travel agent offers to do everything the first one offers, but first wants to engage in a discovery conversation with you so he/she can be better informed about what you love doing and on the appropriate logistical arrangements before providing travel recommendations—here’s what he/she asks you:

  • What are your destinations
  • What are your objectives for going?
  • What are your biggest concerns?
  • Who is going with you?
  • What do you want to experience on your trip?
  • How do you want to feel?
  • When the journey is over, what story do you hope to tell?

The first agent is akin to the traditional money orientated adviser who is focused on your money and on making the numbers work. The second agent is akin to the life-centred financial planner who is first focused on your personal story and motivation—and only secondly, on making the numbers work.

Which travel agent would you prefer to work with?

At Magenta, we are very interested in what our clients want to do with their lives; what motivates, scares and delights them; what makes them happy and sad; what is important to them and why. This is what makes our work interesting, rewarding and fun.

We would love to take a trip with you and help make your journey as fulfilling as possible, towards a destination of security and happiness where you can pursue your passions in life.

Call us soon to start on your next adventure!