We all rely to some extent on other peoples’ experience and recommendations – this is why Trip Advisor and the like are so successful!

Think about how many times in (say) the last month you have asked for someone’s advice or guidance on something. Even something trivial like “I love your shoes, where did you buy them?” – will elicit some form of recommendation or referral.

When it comes to serious stuff where perhaps health is concerned or lots of money needs to be spent, people will often ask their friends and family (i.e. people they trust and respect) for their opinion and direction. This will almost certainly result in either a warning (whatever you do, don’t go to xxxx) or a referral (we use xyz and they are great!)

The Importance of Great Clients

At Magenta, we understand that our clients are the very foundation of our business – its growth, progress, and future stability. We know that a satisfied and happy client is one of our greatest assets, which is why we work so hard to establish and maintain great long-term relationships.

When we know we have done some great work for a client, we will always ask them to refer us to people they know who may have similar needs and concerns about their financial security and future wellbeing.

Although this is advantageous to Magenta as a business, because it means we don’t have to spend time and money on complicated and expensive marketing or advertising campaigns, it is also great for our existing clients too, as it means we can concentrate on our service and focus on them and their circle of influence to provide the best possible advice.

We receive many recommendations each year from happy clients, together with great testimonials and references. It is wonderful that these clients believe that we have done a great job for them and also that they think of us first, whenever they come across someone else who may need our help.

We know from experience, that people who are referred to us by existing clients, often become great clients because they already have a good idea of what to expect and understand that we can work well together.

So why don’t all clients refer other people?

Firstly we understand that this is not your primary focus or function in life and that situations where deep and meaningful money and lifestyle conversations may never crop up.

Secondly and perhaps most importantly, people are worried about maintaining their credibility. If they refer a business or service to their friends, colleagues, and family, they need to be 100% certain they won’t be let down. For many, the risk is too great.

Thirdly, because society (wrongly) puts so much emphasis on material possessions, many people think that the people they know must be wealthy/ financially astute/have professional advisers/ be generally organised. In our experience, this is not always the case and often quite the opposite is true.

We also know that clients will avoid referring if they are not satisfied and are expecting more from us or if they perceive they are not getting any benefits for making the effort.

The Magenta Way

Here at Magenta, we value all client recommendations enormously and fully appreciate that these will help our business to grow and prosper. Which is why we aim for such high levels of service, professional advice and client care.

If you have a loved one, colleague, or friend, that you think may benefit from our help, we would love to hear from you (or them) – you can be assured they will be in safe hands with us!

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