It’s been a tricky year to say the least and we recognise that for some it has been very sad and distressing.

But ever the optimists, we have looked for some positive highlights of 2020 before turning to the much easier list of awful things that have happened.

10 Surprising or Good Things about 2020

  1. We had more time – life was a bit slower and we were able to reflect on life and spend time (sometimes) with loved ones.
  2. We stopped hearing about Brexit!
  3. Everyone became tech wizards on Zoom and Facetime.
  4. New skills and talents were explored and mastered
  5. Some of those outstanding DIY jobs got finished
  6. Donald Trump got dumped (or did he!?)
  7. We learned the arts of tolerance, support and appreciation (especially of our NHS)
  8. Businesses had to diversify and became more resilient and inventive.
  9. At Magenta we have strengthened our team to provide even better client service and advice.

10 Annoying and Irritating things about 2020

  1. Most of it!
  2. Lost loved ones, lost economy, lost education, lost businesses.
  3. No holidays or travel
  4. Homeschooling. We now know that Teachers are saints and should be paid accordingly!
  5. Cancelled plans (eg Julie’s wedding and honeymoon, Gretchen’s Canada trip, etc)
  6. Brexit…….(amazing how it gets everywhere!)
  7. Eating and drinking too much in lockdown – at least one stone’s worth!
  8. Conspiracy theories – the doctors are making it up!
  9. Other health issues left untreated
  10. The political spin and the spinners.

We are certain that the reader will have many more to add to each list – please feel free to share if you would like to!

Whatever 2021 brings for you and your family, it must surely be better than 2020! So bring on the New Year with its promise of opportunity, surprise and advancement and let us seize every moment and make every chance count – 2020 has taught us we shouldn’t waste a minute of our very precious time as we don’t know what awaits us around the next corner.

We look forward to helping you to achieve your hopes and dreams for the future, so don’t hesitate to call us for a friendly chat to tell us all about them.