We recieved this wonderful Testimonial last week from our clients, John and Helen:

“Approximately 12 years ago, we were fortunate enough to begin our association with Julie Lord and her team (now Magenta Financial Planning), entrusting them with the management of our finances.

Despite being initially very cautious, we were immediately reassured by the number of awards Julie seemed to accumulate for her work! As former teachers, we easily recognised the ability and competence of the team members but also very much appreciated the small and friendly setup.

We were carefully and painlessly guided through the processes of establishing a rough idea of expenditure, how much could be moved into investments, establishing an attitude to risk etc., in such a way that our ideas, attitudes and desires were always at the forefront.

Over time, the advice and experience of the team has given us complete peace of mind as a result of the financial security which their efforts have provided. We cannot begin to describe how much this has contributed to our happiness and well-being. Neither of us is much inclined to delve into the nuances of financial management and we feel very lucky to be able to pursue our interests knowing that these matters are dealt with expertly.”