In the second of our Financial Fables, we look at the tale of The Ant and The Grasshopper and what they can teach us about the importance of taking a proactive approach to our retirement years.

One summer’s day a Grasshopper was hopping about, chirping and singing to its heart’s content. An Ant passed by, bearing an ear of corn he was taking to the nest.

“Why not come and chat with me,” said the Grasshopper, “instead of toiling in that way?”

“I am helping to lay up food for the winter,” said the Ant, “and recommend you do the same.”

“Why bother about winter?” said the Grasshopper; “we have plenty of food now.”

The Ant went on its way. When winter came the Grasshopper had no food and found itself dying of hunger, while it saw the ants distributing corn and grain from the stores they had collected in the summer.



wise pink owl

When we’re younger, retirement can feel like an intangible distant dream. Like the grasshopper, many of us would rather fill the summers of our lives with living in the moment rather than preparing for the future. Conversely, when asked how we picture our retirement, most of us would like to envisage using the well-earned newfound free time for embarking on adventures, taking up travel or challenging ourselves to new pursuits. State pensions will not be enough to secure the standard of living most of us desire. That’s why it’s essential to begin planning your retirement from a young age. With careful planning and projection, the small incremental steps you take now will soon add up leaving you, like the Ant, with a bounty of opportunity and resources in older age. Check out our free retirement toolkit for advice and resources to get your retirement planning off to the best start.


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