All we want for Christmas is happiness this year! Here is our second installment, with tips 6-10!

We have been sharing these tips already on our social media sites this week. For those who don’t use Facebook or Twitter, here are the tips 6-10 published over the last week:

Tip 6 – You won’t regret taking a risk

When people talk about something they regret in the past week, many mention something they tried, but failed at accomplishing. When someone asks people in later life what they regret from their lives, they often talk about not trying something they always wanted to try, such as a new cuisine, learning a language, traveling more, or switching careers.

Interestingly they wish they had tried (even if they had failed) – they regret not having taken the risk. We should expose ourselves to the danger that we might actually enjoy something and see how happy this makes us feel.

Tip 7 – Connect to something greater

People who practice religion or some sort of spirituality feel happier than those who don’t. But it isn’t limited to religion. People involved in social or political movements and /or community enterprises, also experience greater joy in life.

We like it when we feel connected to something greater than ourselves. It makes us feel purposeful and this makes life feel more meaningful.

Tip 8 – You don’t have to be good at everything

People feel happier when they focus on doing what they’re good at doing. We cannot boil the ocean and we certainly don’t need to be perfect.

Understanding this helps people evolve because striving for perfection is likely to be impossible and lead to much unhappiness. We should surround ourselves with people who think we are perfect just as we are.

Tip 9 – Live in the moment

Sometimes people stay in the past, ruminating about the what ifs. Sometimes they plan too much for the future, always hoping for something new or better. While it’s good to reflect on mistakes and consider the future, it becomes problematic when people get stuck in the past or future. They miss out on experiencing life as it is right now.

We should accept the past and plan for the future while also being able to concentrate on what we have and what we are experiencing in the present moment. So we should take time to smell the roses and make the most of all our experiences.

Tip 10 – Develop strong bonds

The biggest factor in happiness is having strong relationships. While people often think strong romantic relationships predict overall happiness, research indicates having any healthy relationship with a pet, friend, family member or romantic partner makes life richer. Focusing on growing these healthy relationships remains an easy way to enhance emotional well-being.

Our final two tips to increase your happiness will follow next week!